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This Training cannot be used in/for any News, Marketing or Advertising. 



  1. Get started More Safely, so your Social Media Advertising Accounts stay in good standing. 

  2. Get 10 Referred Partners and $600 per Month Recurring Income, so you have advertising money from Profits ASAP.

The Simple 3 part Process

  • Make a Video, GIF, picture with typography, or other Marketing Asset.

  • Make a Page, Blog or a Facebook’s Instant Experience Page with the Link from your PaidForGood Partner Center in you button.

  • Publish Video Ads.

Crucial Information 

If you know the Terms, Conditions and best practices for each Platform, that you have agreed to adhere to when you started, and you have a problem, you can easily explain to Customer Service that you were trying to adhere to their policies to the best of your understanding, and they most likely will help you resolve the problem.

Obviously, Keeping your accounts in good standing is part of your business. 

Advertising on Multiple Social Media Platforms is Income Protection.

If you're already familiar with other channels when problems arise, you have another means of continuing while they get fixed.

Strength In Diversity As Always


Our Partner’s  educate, inspire, and call to action, people that care about the environment, and they help make those good people more money.


Split Testing

Stats show that conversions can vary at 30% up or down with some minor design changes, like changing a background image, so get ready to hone in on captivating then converting in ways that enrich the platform…

To do this you could start by Matching Target-Audiences with Relevant Video Topics and Pages. So of course Videos and Pages may convert better or worse for different Audiences.

Landing page builders have tracking and split testing features, but they don’t show you Conversion Rate for Sales since that’s on our end. Log in to PaidForGood so you can match results according to Ad Dates. 

Instant Gratification,  you make Money While Your Ads Are Running.


We do allow retargeting. If you choose to retarget visitors please consider that you will be also showing ads to those who have already purchased, since we can’t give you access to the sales completion side of things.

Normally Visitors re-targeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert.

We recommend AdRoll and Suggest Testing Retargeting for yourself.

If you want to learn more about Making Facebook Ads we suggest this excellent article by HootSuite. (Go back-through Training after following along with the Recording)

Up To Scale

Pick a Topic, Pick a Story, Pick an Audience and Start the first of many to follow.

Just repeat: 

  1. Pick a New Audience, spend 20% on Split Test, “Best Ad” 80%. 

  2. “Best Ad” Budget also Split for Ad and Retargeting.  



Disclaimer: PaidForGood is not liable for your business's actions in any way. As for any Advertiser, choose words and images at your own risk.

In Marketing Decisions, please adhere to Best Practices from authorities such as Word Stream, Moz, and the social media channel that you are designing each Ad for.


No Direct Linking

Do not take the link we give you, and use it for your Facebook Ad destination. We do not allow this. 

You must send visitors to your landing Page or Facebook Instant Experience, Blog, Website etc. from any Ad you publish. 

Then from THERE to us with your ‘Tracking Link’ from you PaidForGood Dashboard.


Money Claims

Be careful about making Money Claims. Our Partners Videos are primarily about Permaculture and Nature, not about making money with PaidForGood.

People that pause for Nature, or seek it out, Are The People We Want.

It is hard to not sound sensational with PaidForGood, because it actually is. Nevertheless we can’t. Don’t get banned and advertise the way you want.

Attract, Intrigue and Entice…

No Collecting Emails

PaidForGood does email follow up, Lead Nurturing and Customer Service. You are not permitted to collect emails on pages that contain our links, name or branding.

Breaking Any Of These Rules Can End Your Partnership and Discontinue all Payments. 



Terms and Conditions

Landing Pages Must Contain Terms and Conditions, and a Privacy Policy.  We recommend using:


You Pay Your Taxes. Partners are not employed by PaidForGood, they have their own businesses and are an independent contractors providing Digital Marketing via our Referral Partner Program.

The Video

We Suggest Using the WeVideo Platform. 


Make The Video About Nature

Videos can be specific or general


Intrigue Educate  & Inspire

  • The Video Should Have Sound if it will be used on YouTube. 

  • Facebook videos are over 80% sound off, so use the WeVideo typography or similar. 

  • 70% of content is viewed via Vertical Mobile Viewing so create videos that fit.

  • The Complete Guide To Facebook Video Ads Article


Pro Tip In choosing a video Topic, you may wish to start from the Facebook Ads Manager, and search specific interests FIRST, then create specifically related videos for those people. 

For example people that love snakes, are more likely to click on your “King Cobra, Extinction Prevention... Why?” video…


Communicate urgency with environment statistics.



Pick Your First Topic 

Dive into interesting facts, figures and images to create Attention Getting Videos. Introduce People to something Amazing about Nature or a way to be more resourcefully green.

Capture Attention

Create Engagement

Capturing Attention and stopping the scroll, is often the Video’s Main purpose with Facebook.

With YouTube use Collective Commons Free Videos. See the Filter in the image below.


Just click through to enable Collective Commons

Find a down-loader and download one of these Free Open Licence Videos from YouTube. 


If you really want to use a snippet of someone's video that is not open source, ask permission to use it for PaidForGood, and you may form a Collaboration where both of you can use the video! 


Important: Use Large Text on Vertical Frame Videos because most people will see your video ad from their phone. Check with a View on a Mobile View if creating on desktop. 


What Converts for this type of Video?

#1 Attention Grabbing Stops the Scroll

#2 Story Quality Keeps Them

Your Ad’s Landing Page

For Facebook we suggest using Facebook Instant Experiences which was previously called Facebook Canvas Pages. These are Free, intended for businesses ads, and load Instantly quick.

You can have a Squarespace landing page for $12/Month, or you can use paid landing page builders.



If you're intending to utilize Facebook to start. Know that Facebook can Shut Down your ad account if you don’t know, or ignore, their rules and break them.

Luckily they have their own Training.

Facebook Advertising Training


Read: Facebook Advertising Training

Continue here when you're done.

For Facebook Advertising. Every business must have a Facebook Page if they are to have a Facebook Ad Account.

Having an Active Page, helps your business’s credibility in the eyes of Facebook. We suggest warming up your page and ad account, by posting regularly, engaging with comments and growing a following with paid advertising as well.

For Example. The PaidForGood Facebook Page provides Good News to our subscribers. This enables us to advertise our page to increase our engagement stats, as well as get Shares and Discovery.

Facebook Advertising Policies

Next Read Facebook Advertising Policies and use this as your filter. If it is questionable, because these guidelines are purposefully vague or specific, it’s important to know that you should be able to SHOW that you are making your best attempt to follow their Terms of Service and Policies to the best of your understanding.

Social Media Marketing Best Practices


The Ultimate Social Media Best Practices 2019 

By Bonfire Media  

Jump Right To Best practices for:

Facebook Posts

Facebook Paid Posts

LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn Sponsored Content

Pinterest Pins

Pinterest Promoted Pins

YouTube Videos



The Ten Member Goal:

Whether spending $100, $1,000, or $1 per day to start, it’s your business, you decide what’s prudent, feasible and good for you. 

Get to 10 Partners and start scaling-up by spending the resulting $139 per week ($600/Month) income on increasing ad spend to get to 50 Members and $3,000 per month. 

10 Referred Partners are worth $7,200 per year.

50 Referred Partners are worth $36,000 per year.

That’s how much in Donations you also created...!...!...!... 

  • 10 Members

Getting 10 Members ($600 monthly) is just grease for the Gears. But once you have the grease, the Gears Can Move, and turn slow into fast! Remember the  23,000,000 seeds, in just 3 crop cycles!

Recurring Compounding Income. Broadcast Seeding!  

So our goal is to get you to $600 monthly income so you can reinvest to get more.


  • 50 Members

This means your new monthly income is $3,000. This is the “I might quit my job faze“ for most people. After investing $3,000 into paid advertising, you probably will.



Making Ads

Just let the social media giants guide you through the process, just click on “make an ad” and ask Google any questions. 

Remember to input your landing page URL as the destination for the ad, and place your PaidForGood Tracking Link from your Partner Center back-office as the destination for the Call-To-Action Button on that page.


Congratulations! You Just Completed The PaidForGood Training!

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