50 Referred Members

Is $3,000 Every Month 

Low Bar to Cash Positive = Low Attrition = Reliable Recurring Income

Because posting Earnings or Return on AdSpend would create expectations, we refer to:

Facebook ROI Benchmarks by WordStream: 

For us these numbers mean that with $126 Adspend, we get about 73 Clicks and 7 convert into Members.


This adds up to $400 in Recurring Monthly Income.

Doing The Math


Spending $100, $1,000, or $1 per day, it’s your Business, you decide what’s prudent, feasible and good for you! 

  • 10 Referred Members = $600/Month = $7,200 per Year.

  • 50 Referred Members = $3,000 per Month = $36,000 per Year.

  • 300 Referred Members = $18,000 per Month = $216,000 per Year.

Getting 10 Referred Members and $600 Monthly, is just grease for the Gears, once you have the grease (Recurring Adspend) the Gears Leverage! 


Real Exponential Income Potential

Just Reinvest Profits 


It’s What Sustains Us


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